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Mentoring & Motivation


From books to audio courses, from Workshops to our unique Mentor & Motivate program, Morris Vahnish is ready to guide as you reach for your real estate investing dreams.


Nothing beats having an experienced teacher. 


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The Road to Real Estate



Learn real estate investing as you “look over the shoulder” of a successful real estate expert. The Road to Real Estate Wealth chronicles deal after deal from property selection, to financing, to renovation, to rental and sale.  One of the most helpful, practical books ever written for real estate investors.

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Real Estate Mentor Show

Catch Morris discuss compelling topics such as: "What does a good real estate deal look like?" "Where is this current real estate market going?" & much more!  

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The Real

Estate Mentor


Based in Aventura, Florida, The Real Estate Mentorship was founded by real estate investor and educator Morris Vahnish, who arrived in America as an immigrant at the age of ten, and by the age of thirty was a multi-millionaire.

The author of the acclaimed book, “The Road to Real Estate Wealth,” Morris founded The Real Estate Mentorship to educate, mentor, and motivate potential real estate investors.